Helping you lead a healthy lifestyle 
without losing quality of life

Personal Training

A Personal Trainer is there to teach correct technique, provide motivation, push you to your limits and hold you accountable so that you show up. However, with SGPT it's all that and more. His eagle eye attention to detail assures that you not only learn how to avoid injury by performing exercises safely, but also builds your confidence to take on new challenges that you may have never considered before all whilst having fun. Should you ever need the expertise, guidance and knowledge of SGPT, then get in touch if you:

•  Have plucked up the courage to take on a sporting event (Marathon, Tough Mudder or charity boxing match) and are not quite sure where to start
•  Have milestone birthday you would like to work towards feeling great inside and out
•  Have had, or are having a baby and would like to resume/return to exercise by keeping things safe throughout this amazing journey
•  Have a once in a lifetime occasion coming up (engagement/wedding) and would like to boost your confidence for that day
•  Or even if you have the burning desire to learn a new skill such as boxing, weight lifting


All you have to do is take a look at the variety of client videos found below which showcases the mix of abilities he has, and continues to train.

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