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"If I had to describe Suley of @SGPT_ I would say it’s like a full course fine dining experience. The sessions are crafted thoughtfully and professionally. You can tell he has a real love and passion for teaching and fitness. He has single handily helped me through lockdown and I know many others feel the same. I would like to take this time to say thank you for being you and starting up the LIVE classes. Love love love and more love! Rating 10/10 all day every day!"


"If you are not already being trained by SGPT, you are missing out! Ive been attending Suley's classes for several years and his variety, knowledge and motivation are second to none. The classes are so much fun and although we may leave exhausted we always leave happier and fitter! Thank you Suley for your dedication <3"


"Suley is one of the friendliest and most approachable people you will ever meet, two qualities that make him an excellent PT. I have attended his very popular classes and also had PT sessions with him, all of which I found to be instructional, hard work and excellent fun. But, more importantly, is the constant support he provides out of classes and outside PT sessions. He is always there to help and support you, and that is the quality that I have found to be exceptional, and that really sets Suley apart from other PTs. He listens to your aims and programs sessions to suite you, and provides advice on how to progress in between classes or sessions. Will keep going back for more!"


"ENERGISING • CONSISTENTLY POSITIVE• GAINS AND A GOOD TIME! What started with a lockdown routine has now become a habit- and one that I absolutely love! You will not regret making the choice to subscribe and join the squad. I’m the fittest I’ve been since having my 2 year old and knowing that I can catch up at any time makes working out everyday so achievable. Join the squad- a little dose of Sul daily is essential for anyone wanting to achieve a healthy lifestyle. "


"Suley is a complete ray of sunshine! I don’t think you could find a more motivational trainer! He always puts thought and effort in to his classes and online sessions, making sure that there’s variety and different themes to keep us engaged, every workout is different. He gives guidance and careful instruction to ensure that you do all the moves correctly getting the maximum benefit. Join the SGPT will not regret it!"


"I have trained with Suley for a few years now, he was my PT instructor too, his workouts are varied and are all really good, hes always chirpy, demonstrates all exercises also gives you variations, and advises on positions how to conduct postures etc, since lockdown have been doing his online classes and have noticed a definate change more toned and dropped a dress size. Would definately recommend him to anyone . His dances at end are good too – LOL!"

Kelsie & Mike

"S surely the G greatest P person T there is! Need we say more? SGPT Squad has been one of the key factors to keeping us sane during lockdown. Using the live workouts where we can and catching up on others when it suits us has meant we can do a class every excuses! Suleys energy is second to none...all you have to do is turn it on and leave the rest to him and I guarantee you’ll be dancing by the end of it! Thank you so much Suley "


"The workouts Suley arranges for his classes daily always exceed expectations. I’ve completed almost all of the workouts since lockdown and not one has been the same, he surprises us with something new and fun everyday. His energy is inspiring and gives all of the ‘squad’ members a reason to get up in the morning! "


"SGPT Squad workouts ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 Stars! Suleys workouts are some of the best put together workouts I have ever done, in comparison to gym classes, exercise videos etc, they are just brilliant! Suley puts so much thought into each workout to keep them enjoyable, interesting and challenging. I look forward to my workouts everyday!! On top of all of that, just hearing Suley’s voice is motivating, he’s full of energy, makes me smile, laugh, he’s got the best energy and oozes passion! Working out with the squad is the best and I love it! Thank you Suley!!!"


"I started training with Suley as soon as lockdown began. 3 months later, I feel more toned than ever. He gave me better results than a gym membership I paid quite a lot of money for. Suley is energetic, motivating, encouraging and always positive. Best of all, he plans challenging workouts but also very fun. I have loved being part of the SGPT Squad and hope many others join and feel amazing like I do. Thank you Suley!"


"SGPT! Lockdown has been hard for everyone for many different reasons and for me personally I sometimes struggled to motivate myself to work out, especially if I was having an off day. Your sessions have been amazing and are always fun. You bring the energy every time and no matter what mood I’m in you always make the sessions enjoyable and put me in a good mood. You are the Lockdown Legend and the Quarantine King!"


"If you are looking for a PT that brings the best energy, great workout structure & someone who genuinely cares about the people they train then it's Suley! I've become so much stronger & fitter since training with Suley & genuinely enjoy his classes."


"Super Suley is the best. I have had the pleasure (well I should say pain) of not only attending his classes at the gym but I’ve had PT sessions too. He has such enthusiasm and passion for what he does and this rubs off on his clients. He constantly finds challenges for us all and is an endless bundle of energy. I can't recommend him enough, especially if you want results."


"I always struggle to start and push through any form of exercise but I can honestly say that SGPT makes it so easy to get up and keep going. The energy, music, teaching reminders, tips and so on make all the difference!"


"Suley goes beyond the job of a normal personal trainer. Never could I have imagined that I would get so much attention, encouragement and fun through online sessions, but this is exactly how Suley works. Not only have I become fitter through his classes but I look forward to them because he is an absolute delight to work with. His positivity, zest for life and not to mention those dance moves when we've completed a session brings us altogether as one big happy family. I'm so happy to have found a trainer as caring, hard working and entertaining as Suley."


"As a ‘rising 60 year old’ I was hesitant to try out Suleys Circuit class at the gym but I’m so glad I did! I have been a devotee ever since! Well thought out classes, alternative moves given to suit every level, motivational, high octane but leaves you feeling great. Dreaded lockdown but Suleys online Squad membership and daily classes have been a life saver- makes me smile and sweat everyday!"


"Suley is simply the BEST you could hope for. Every workout is unique and challenging so you’re never bored and constantly working new/different muscles - and there’s a new one every day! I’m working out more than I ever have, began seeing real results just a week in, and the community feel you get from being a part of the squad is so motivating and enjoyable."


"Hi Suley! Your classes are always so well planned and fun! No two classes are ever the same and that’s what I love! You always get involved in the classes too and I think thats what makes your classes 10/10 as your in it with us all the way! Your online LIVES/YouTube videos have been really motivating and your so interactive! Oh and how can I forget your wicked playlist - keep doing you and thank you xxx"


"It was the best thing I done by joining the SGPT Squad. It has been like sun shining through this dark pandemic times. It’s been great for my mental state and brilliant for my body too. You would be surprised of the sweat every session ?? Suley knows the game inside out! Thank you "


"Suley is FANTASTIC at what he does, he has the most amazing positive attitude towards everything - it is truly infectious. Workouts are always enjoyable no matter how hard, Suley helps pull you through & I end every workout feeling amazing - have never loved working out so much!"


"Suleys workouts are fantastic! He uses a variety of different structures which not only incorporate working on different areas of the body but that also make the sessions fly by! Whether you’re using weights or equipment free, Suley demonstrates exercises to accommodate for all different fitness levels and alternatives for any injuries or issues! Suley is clear and informative with all the exercises and ensures you are performing to your full potential! The music and energy is always 100% and Suleys engaging, friendly and positive attitude makes working out enjoyable and fun! "


"I've been taking Suley's classes at various locations and now online for 1.5 years and I cannot recommend him enough. His classes are dynamic, imaginative and effective. Whenever I'm feeling demotivated he gives me the drive I need to push through and look forward to the next class."


"Suley is awesome, super motivating, with clear and good workout instructions. It is intense with barely any breaks but it’s a 45/55 minute class with no time wasted. Good circuits mix and excellent music to keep you going. I wouldn't have got through lock down without him. 5 star rating!"


"Since joining Suleys live workouts at the start of lockdown, not only have I felt better than ever physically, but mentally too. He always brings a positive and motivating attitude to his classes and makes each one so much fun. I love the sense of community this SGPT Squad has and I look forward to continue training after lockdown is over!"


"I trained with Suley pre and post pregnancy and I can’t recommend him enough. Not only is he a very knowledgeable PT, he’s got the best energy out there! He’ll motivate you, challenge you and support you to be the best you can. I trusted him to do the best for me and my baby throughout pregnancy, and he helped get me back to feeling strong and fit afterwards too! With Suley cheering you on every step of the way, you can do anything - even pull ups! ?? X"


"Highly recommend Suleys classes! Due to my schedule I could rarely make his classes at the gym, but lockdown has meant I can do them every day and it’s been great. The classes have the best energy, and you always have Suleys encouragement. No matter how many classes there are, you never do the same thing twice and every single one is fun! Thank you Suley"


"Suley of SGPT always has the right attitude and just knows how to get the best out of everyone. His positive aura brightens up every individuals spirit. He is a star!"


"When you can’t find the motivation yourself, somehow SGPT gets it out of you...and then some more!!"


"These classes are fun, exciting and motivating and so different from anything I've experienced before! SGPT brings so much energy to each and every class and I cannot recommend these classes enough. From someone who doesn't really enjoy working out, these sessions have given me a new lease of life and I love taking part in these classes each week. Give it a try and I promise you won't regret it ?"


"Suleys classes always challenge my physical and mental ability & have made me progress along my fitness journey. The positivity, banging tunes & dance moves are a great added bonus ? Thank you!"



"Suley Gul is a TRUE PROFESSIONAL PT/Instructor who is totally committed to the overall Well-being of People’s Mental and Physical health! How do I know??? - I have been attending his Circuit sessions at Bannatyne Health Club from Dec. 2019 to 19.3.20 (x3/week) and taking part in his Instagram Live daily circuit sessions from 20.3.20 to date.
All his sessions are creative and focused. They are extremely well planned and organised down to a T. His Theoretical and practical knowledge (Boxing is a passion) and delivery are exemplary! I love the way he includes a wide variety of exercises which he does with you while reminding you of correct body position and breathing. Some of his catch phrases are: ‘Technique, technique, technique!’ ‘Quality over quantity!’ and ‘You vs You!’ This is very important to me as I want to use the correct Form in order to prevent any injuries.

Suley has a very good sense of humour and loves music and at the appropriate time he will make a joke, sing or dance which adds to sessions becoming interactive and Ones high engagement. His high energy levels are infectious, helping you to achieve your best while enjoying yourself! He is such a great communicator and motivator!

Since attending his sessions, my strength, endurance, cardio and muscle mass have increased. I have lost some body fat and am more toned feeling healthier.

I have seen Suley working with clients in PT sessions at the gym where he gives his total one to one attention.

Suley’s love of what he does shines through - For 12 weeks of his Live Insta daily sessions, he did not ask for payment, he wanted to help people in these uncertain times, retain their Mental and Physical health, while also fund raising for HAVEN HOUSE CHILDREN’S HOSPICE. He raised a magnificent £6000! I can unreservedly recommend Suley if you are looking for a genuine PT/instructor who will definitely help you to achieve your Mental and Physical health goals!"


"Everyone has seen and heard me say this over lockdown, however, I’m gonna say it again. Suley, he has brought us live daily workouts, tunes for absolute days, energy, spirit, moral support and most importantly the dance moves (he still continues to do so)

I cannot thank SG PT enough for the help and motivation through the last few months! Suley, is without a doubt the kindest soul that has ever graced my life - he always has a smile on his face, will always put everyone else before himself, will give you the pep talk you need to hear not what you want hear!

The workouts are such a good variety it will never leave you bored & when you think you have all the moves and positions in the bag... SG comes up with something completely out of the blue. Forever motivating, forever supporting and forever pushing you to be the best you can be!

Suley did not take a penny for himself for the first 10 weeks of lockdown, however, has been raising money for Haven House and raised over £5,000!

I just wanna say THANK YOU again. Suley, you are one in a million and I couldn’t be happier to support such a wonderful human through this time!

Stay home, stay safe, stay blessed?

Love, love & more love x"


"Suley, is without a doubt the best trainer I have ever worked with. I have been training with Suley for about 10 years now, even after leaving the gym I was at (no fault of his, but the standards of the gym) only to miss his classes and training so much that I returned. Suley understands that not one rule fits all, he understands that everyone has different strengths and abilities and he works with you to encourage those strengths to shine though, but also pushing you out of your comfort zone, and making you do things you would not normally do. I can now throw a mean punch, do a full press up and believe it or not I am now a fan of burpees! These where all things I was either not able to or hated but Suley made me realise that I hated them cause I found them hard, with a little push and practice there is not really any type of training I do not like or enjoy, due to the structure of his training and classes. Over the years not only has Suley trained me, but he has also given me an education. I can now comfortably attend the gym on my own & train confidently using the guidance and knowledge that he has given me over the years. Being apart of the SGPT squad over this weird and crazy time of lockdown has been a god send! As someone who has been working the whole time from home sat at my dinning table for 9-10 hours a day, knowing that I have an evening class coming up, or am catching up on a workout I may have missed earlier in the day has given me something to look forward to and a reason not to sit in front of the TV and eat crisps. The classes also help with motivation, they actually feel like one on one classes and on more then one occasion I have felt like he was talking directly to me. They also help us motivate one another as you feel like your not the only person going through the struggle of the pandemic - you feel like we really are one big SGPT family!"


"I started going to SGPT classes at the gym, before I started PT with Suley. I trained with him for 12 weeks to help build muscle & lose weight. I smashed my goal with SGPT helping me get in shape for my holiday & my milestone 40th birthday. Not only did Suley help with my nutrition he was also very good at explaining each exercise clearly whilst keeping it fun. Time always went so quickly. Teaching me how to train with heavier weights, knew how to get me to dig deeper and always kept me motivated – I always felt encourage to believe that “YES I CAN”.

Now we have been in lockdown I’ve been doing the Squad workout lives which I have enjoyed immensely. It’s very convenient to do whenever I like before or after work, being a part of his friendly Squad has meant that I have also met some lovely new people along the way too. Suley makes every class fun and different which never gets boring. I would 100% recommend SGPT for PT or for his Squad membership for the daily exercise via Instagram. He is by far the best PT I’ve ever trained with – you can be to achieve your goal with SGPT!"


"I first met Suley doing his Boxfit classes in the gym. I was nervous to first step into the room but was immediately put at ease when Suley noticed I was a newbie and introduced himself.

His classes are always FULL to the max, with great energy & music that will have you dancing all the way home.

During the corona virus pandemic Suley decided to take his business online with daily classes for us all to follow. He done this for 10 weeks for FREE, raising £5.5k for Haven House Childrens Hospice. Quickly a new “virtual family” was created & the SGPT squad was born.

Suley constantly has new workout routines which are easy to follow, no matter what your ability. He will always give you an alternative if a certain exercise isn’t working for you. You are always made to feel welcome and put at ease.

Suley is an absolute breath of fresh air who has kept us all fit, healthy & smiling during an uncertain time in our lives (COVID-19).

I will always be grateful for his hard work, effort & commitment to his Squad."


"Suley @sgpt_ you always help people make a habit of exercise. I have seen you train many types of people from young, old, pregnant, disabled, all shapes and sizes.

You always respect each individual and encourage whoever crosses your path.

You give over 100%, you dedicate every minute of your time to coach, whether in gym a class or your virtual classes and I love that about you.

Your workouts have made us become the best versions of ourselves, your honest with what you do. You believe in us regardless how moany we get. Your energy is always vibrant, ‘great vibes only’ with you.

Thank you for being the No1 and always being there for all of us.

Wish you all the best and I always look forward to your classes. X"

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